IPA: gˈægstɝ


  • joker; comedian

Examples of "gagster" in Sentences

  • Stompanato and the gagster slid silently out of the booth.
  • He defends himself, goes, "I ` m a gagster, not a gangster."
  • Davey the gagster collapsed on the table, convulsed with laughter.
  • John was the straight man to Ken's gagster at the GLC rather as Brown was to Blair.
  • I'm not a lawyer or a debater, just a gagster, and sometimes I don't express myself clearly.
  • The new Simon is the one who doesn't put on the false nose of the gagster to hide from his own experience and pain.
  • Two police officers were injured and a police jeep was partially burnt when the gagster, S 'Kora' Natarajan (28), allegedly attacked them with petrol bombs and a sickle.
  • This is in effect a supper club with turns like tokester Howard Marks, gagster Felix Dexter and soulstress Ruby Turner mentioned in dispatches to entertain the 70 or so lucky diners.
  • They come to honour the great Georgian gagster Joey Grimaldi, and to light a candle for contemporary clowns who have died over the past 12 months, a respectful nod towards the passing of lifetimes devoted to giggles.

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