IPA: gˈeɪɫi


  • (dated) Merrily.
  • (dated) Showily.

Examples of "gaily" in Sentences

  • He ran gaily to the tennis team.
  • The tail should be well set on and gaily carried.
  • They sit down to dine, while Musetta gaily sings.
  • I then smiled gaily, to find the deed so far done.
  • "Aloho-ate, lazy one!" she called gaily from below.
  • It should be carried gaily but not curled over the back.
  • "Hop up, girls," she called gaily to Betty and Madeline.
  • I took it to the bank to have it notarized and gaily signed it.
  • The child rushed towards Santi, creeping as usual and laughing gaily.
  • A gaily embroidered and very abbreviated bodice leaves the waist bare.
  • The romance ends when Beaver sends Penny a toad in a gaily wrapped box.
  • Turning to Holger, he called gaily, 'That wasn't too bad, though, was it?'
  • The streets are filled with gaily dressed people who are in a real spring mood.
  • "May you one day catch a Panon-worth," she called gaily, and took the hand of Oroles.
  • "Dinner is ready!" she called gaily as she ran; and the sound of her voice made Rebecca sit up quickly, and exclaim:
  • "Then good night, lovely Blossom," he called gaily while he turned back into the bridle path which led like a frayed white seam over the pasture.
  • She called gaily to all the women, including Gertie, then left the carriage on the walk, and from her coalhouse dragged out a large trough-like box.
  • "It's not our fight, sweetheart," she called gaily over her shoulder, taking a whisky tumbler from a cupboard and unscrewing the bottle to top up her own and pour him a generous slug.
  • Her washwoman's family consisted of four children, and a husband who blew in gaily once in a while when in need of funds, or when recovering from a protracted spree, which made a few days 'nursing very welcome.
  • And he does this all while staggering about the stage tripping over things in gaily-stockinged feet (yes, I have a soft spot for gawky boys in colorful socks), fussing with the mix, swapping instruments on the fly, and -- in the grand tradition of Bowie and Byrne -- dancing like an utter spaz.

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