IPA: gˈeɪnɝ


  • One who gains a profit or advantage.
  • One who puts on weight.
  • (sports, slang) A diving or gymnastics maneuver, from a high diving board or platform, involving a simultaneous inversion and rotation.
  • A surname.

Examples of "gainer" in Sentences

  • It was also the weeks top digital gainer.
  • He is the best ground gainer of the line men.
  • In the end, the customers were the big gainers.
  • Gainer remained chair of the board for six years.
  • Jim Bertlesen was the team's lead ground gainer in 1971.
  • The ultimate gainers by the confiscation were the nobles.
  • Gainer retired from the Legislature at dissolution in 1967.
  • He was defeated in a hotly contested fight by Frank Gainer.
  • A reverse gainer is an acrobatic move that originated in Tricking.
  • An Encourager is the counterpart to a gainer and somewhat similar to a feeder.
  • All energy economists I know think that natural gas is the big short-term gainer from CO2 emission taxes.
  • Another gainer was the leisure and hospitality field, in which an additional 200 jobs were reported in March.
  • Instapundit being an all around gainer is very interesting I think, since he’s a libertarian, not a conservative, from what I can tell.
  • The strongest short term gainer was Kmart, which saw spending per customer increase 33\% from $58.54 in September to $78.03 in December.
  • But you just gave me a great idea, Im gonna start adding some weight gainer from one of those body buildng stores like GNC to our protein feeders!
  • The Internet is rife with "gainer" blogs, plus dating sites and discussion forums that glorify big bodies, with names such as Fatnesse Follies, Growing Larger, BiggerCity. com and BellyBuilders. com.
  • "Short term, it's actually financially a gainer for us," Mr. Moonves said, contending shooting eight fewer episodes than this spring would save money, while airing "Men" reruns would attract nearly the same size audience.

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