IPA: gˈeɪnfʌɫi


  • In a gainful manner; profitably.

Examples of "gainfully" in Sentences

  • Or, you know, still be gainfully employed -- whatever.
  • As of yesterday afternoon, I am once again gainfully employed.
  • My friend and frequent commentor Brian is once again gainfully employed.
  • The happy start of the story occurred somewhere during the peaceful "belonging" stage of being gainfully employed.
  • Both are college-educated and gainfully employed, in Illinois, in their respective fields (computer maintenance and psychology).
  • In 1993, Lil's frustration with the system and her passion to help her students become independent and gainfully employed moved her to seek legislative assistance.
  • I think people would be stunned if statistics could be determined as to the number of Mexicans who are gainfully employed either directly or indirectly by organized crime groups.
  • I'm a product of the public education system (kindergarten through graduate school), gainfully employed my entire adult life, and parent of two college graduates (also employed, productive members of society).
  • With no game happening (Di had Bad Girls things planned), it was originally just a "what the Hell, fire up the BBQ" thing, but seeing as matrixleap found out today that he's once again gainfully employed, it turned into a mini-celebration.
  • She doesn't ever give a darn about anyone else's "difficulties" so it's ridiculous she has the audacity to use that excuse, but even more strange is the fact she makes over $100,000 and has been gainfully employed the entire time of her loan.

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