IPA: gˈeɪnɫi


  • (UK dialectal) Proper; suitable; becoming.
  • (archaic) Ready to help; kindly; gracious.
  • (of conduct) Graceful; tactful
  • (humorous, of bodily form, attitude, or movement) Shapely; handsome.


  • Suitably; fitly; conveniently; readily.
  • Thoroughly; completely; (with adjectives) very.

Examples of "gainly" in Sentences

  • Her hair was kempt, her clothing shevelled, and she moved in a gainly way.
  • When she moved them, they flipped out of her less than gainly little grasp.
  • He accepted the bed gratefully, stripped away his un - gainly clothing, lay down, and was soon asleep.
  • Even his gait was becoming firmer and more gainly now he had a little more flesh on him and was eating regularly.
  • His eyes opened wide behind his spectacles and, shoving aside a pair of young men pawing each other, broke into an un - gainly run.
  • His hands and feet seemed to have reverted to their hobbledehoy clumsiness of some years back, in his pimply boyhood, but for all that, the look she gave him in departing made him feel tall, confident and gainly.

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