IPA: gˈeɪnseɪ


  • (transitive, formal) To say something in contradiction to.

Examples of "gainsay" in Sentences

  • This also seems hard to gainsay.
  • It doesn't do me any good to gainsay it.
  • No one likes anyone else to gainsay his work.
  • There is no room for argument, as neither side can gainsay.
  • Far be it for us to gainsay the glories of the Italian kitchen.
  • He is merely stalking my edit history to revert or gainsay my edits.
  • The solution was so obviously just that no one could well gainsay it.
  • As there was none other to gainsay him, the ascension was not arrested.
  • That Lewis may have also drawn on other sources does not gainsay the point.
  • None of this is to gainsay the interests of the world economy in the region.
  • That things have not worked out as they hoped, in Iraq, doesn't gainsay that.
  • If Dynaguy can find examples to gainsay me then I'm happy for them to be added.
  • In theory, at least, inferior material, but who can gainsay the wine's elegance?
  • One hesitates to gainsay those who are putting their money where we journalists are only willing to put our mouths.
  • Say what you will about that view, it's hard to gainsay the economic gains that Singapore, Malaysia and China all made over the last 30-odd years.
  • a proof of my assertion, which I do not think any of them will gainsay, which is, that they all laid down as a principle what they did not perfectly know.
  • Negotiating these complexities, however, would be a monumental challenge for a 27-year-old CEO who seems most intent on making sure no one can gainsay him.
  • Indeed, I have offended and done evil; but I crave pardon of Allah Almighty for whatso I did, and if He reunite us, I will never again gainsay thee in aught, no, never! —
  • None of this is to gainsay the genuine hardships that many of the uninsured face, but we prefer the approach Mr. Obama ran on in the 2008 primaries against Hillary Clinton.
  • Admitting the Mubarak regime's contributions to America's interests in the region doesn't gainsay the reality that keeping aging autocracies in power, with no feasible successor in sight, is a status quo that isn't sustainable.

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