IPA: gˈæmit


  • (cytology) A reproductive cell (sperm in males or eggs in females), having only half of a complete set of chromosomes.

Examples of "gamete" in Sentences

  • Pollen contains the male gametes.
  • The ovule is not the female gamete.
  • The 'gonad' is the organ that makes gametes.
  • There is a division of labor at the gamete level.
  • Fecundation is the physical union of male and female gametes.
  • At the highest point of their ascent they release the gametes.
  • Fertilization is the injection of DNA into the woman's gamete.
  • Marriage is often actually defined as the gamete of the state.
  • The female gamete is produced inside the embryo sac of the ovule.
  • It is also the gametic line where the gamete formation takes place.
  • Its because the male sex gametes typically determines the sex of the offspring.
  • The theory she presented for altering the genetic code in an Andorian gamete is straightforward enough.
  • The chance of an individual gamete which is a (d u) recombinant combining with another (d u) recombinant is (p/2) x (p/2).
  • In females, the gamete is the egg, fewer and larger cells produced in an environment capable of supplying nutrition to a developing embryo.
  • Adoption Act declared unconstitutional because it discriminates against children who are born through "gamete" donors, including sperm donors.
  • These are the new sequences, created from a hybrid of Andorian DNA as well as wholly new code intended to fill the gaps left by genetic deficiencies contained within an original gamete after fertilization.
  • A variation of IVF, called gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) consists of the immediate injection of the ova into the fallopian tube after combination with semen without determining whether they have been successfully fertilized.
  • Pratten, who now works as a journalist in Toronto, filed her lawsuit in 2008, seeking to have the Adoption Act declared unconstitutional because it discriminates against children who are born through "gamete" donors, which includes sperm and egg donors.
  • Traditionally, many people who have gone to sperm banks have indeed wanted to take the man out of the sperm, preferring to pretend that what they're buying is just a "gamete," which came from, well, the gamete factory, not from a living, breathing man whose personality and looks they may find practically duplicated in their child.

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