IPA: gʌmˈitʌsaɪt


  • (cytology) A diploid germ cell that divides by meiosis into a gamete.

Examples of "gametocyte" in Sentences

  • The gametocytes are round in shape.
  • The gametocytes are elongate in form.
  • The gametocytes are round to ovoid in shape.
  • However, gametocyte isn't quite right either.
  • The gametocytes are lenticular or oval to round.
  • The female gametocyte often has a subterminal nucleus.
  • The mature gametocytes occasionally enlarge the erythrocyte.
  • The gametocytes may distort the cell or displace the nucleus.
  • Gametocytes are round or oval and are larger than the erythrocyte nuclei.
  • Gametocytes rarely fill the space between the erythrocyte nucleus and margin.
  • Asexual and gametocyte parasite cultures were pelleted at 500 g, washed twice in 2% FCS
  • [5] In P. ovale's final stage where it is a gametocyte, it has a roundish to oval shape that is compact.
  • P. falciparum, when it is in it's final stage (gametocyte), it has more of a sausage looking shape or half-moon shape.
  • Asexual parasite culture (containing mostly ring stages) (C) and gametocyte culture (D) were analyzed by flow cytometry.
  • (A) Asexual growth and gametocyte production were measured in 3D7HT and 3D7HT-GFP, means of three independent experiments are plotted.
  • In the premier open access journal PLoS Biology, a study of children in Kenya reveals that those individuals harboring the transmissible gametocyte stage of malaria parasites are more attractive to the mosquito vectors that spread this disease.
  • When one chromosome of a pair, instead of being parallel to the other in the gametocyte, crosses it at a point of contact, then when the chromosomes separate, part of one chromosome remains connected with the part of the other on the same side and the two parts separate as

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