IPA: gɑmˈin


  • (dated, also attributively) A homeless boy; a male street urchin; also (more generally), a cheeky, street-smart boy.

Examples of "gamin" in Sentences

  • Gamine are clearly a band out of time for 2003.
  • The Tramp and the gamine find a rundown shack to live in.
  • The gamin turned vagabond and the vagabond become an assassin...
  • The gamin turned vagabond and the vagabond become an assassin ...
  • Abi Gamin is the second highest peak in the immediate region, after Kamet.
  • The red headed Noa Izumi of the mecha anime Patlabor is a parody of a gamine.
  • She called the gamin: he was a shrewd monkey-faced fellow, with an insolent crafty eye.
  • To sum up the whole, and in one word, the gamin is a being who amuses himself, because he is unhappy.
  • The gamin is a grace to the nation, and at the same time a disease; a disease which must be cured, how?
  • This word gamin was printed for the first time, and reached popular speech through the literary tongue, in 1834.
  • i think gamin is only gonna be a benefit if u play these games which are made for school or kids, when u start playin games for 18+ like gta, thats when there are negative effects realityintern

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