gang rape

IPA: gˈæŋreɪp


  • A rape involving more than one perpetrator.


IPA: gˈængrˈeɪp


  • Alternative form of gang rape [A rape involving more than one perpetrator.]


  • Alternative form of gang-rape [(transitive, intransitive) To perpetrate a gang rape.]


IPA: gˈæŋrˈeɪp


  • (transitive, intransitive) To perpetrate a gang rape.

Examples of "gangrape" in Sentences

    Examples of "gang-rape" in Sentences

    • An embryo cannot suffer the indignity of gang-rape.
    • One gang-rape victim told me she was able to point out one of her attackers to police.
    • Some may be deserters from Somali forces across the border; others are Kenyan bandits who rob and gang-rape the stream of refugees fleeing the famine in Somalia.
    • Ever since Judge Patrick Parrish ruled that Khadr's statements made to interrogators after he was threatened with gang-rape, coerced and possibly tortured were admissible, his defense was sure to be challenging.
    • Reports came filtering in of slave sweeps: The soldados apparently believed that any woman they found—no matter how she tried to fool them by acting otherwise—would be delighted to have them throw her to the ground, pry her legs apart, and gang-rape her.
    • A culture that refuses to fully deplore child-rape, a culture in which people make apologies for ‘misunderstood’ rapists, a culture in which teenage boys think that it is entertaining to participate in gang-rape: this is rape-culture, people, and it is sickening.
    • A few additions (none of which are as bad as poo-eating): The pull-over scene from “Bad Lieutenant,” the dead baby in the crib from “Trainspotting,” the realization of what exactly Dae-su Oh has done in “Oldboy,” the very, very long gang-rape scene from “I Spit on Your Grave,” the rape scene that just about brings “Showgirls” to a dead stand still and Keanu Reeves doing anything in “Dracula.”

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