gang up

IPA: gˈæŋˈʌp


  • (idiomatic) To join together, as a gang.

Examples of "gang-up" in Sentences

  • It give us gravitas, but it's a gang-up on Hillary, why?
  • There had been the usual critical gang-up and the book had done poorly.
  • Sending your own people to the conventions and other gang-up stories is fueled by one motivation: ego.
  • Or the 37 day general election thereafter, which was a essentially a free-for-all gang-up on the Tories, and resulted in a 19-seat gain for the incumbent government.
  • In hunter gatherer societies, the primary social ethic is equal 'sharing' - in which the majority gang-up to demigrate anyone who seems likely to become too dominant.
  • I don't know if this is gang-up on Hillary week on YouTube, but thanks to a twitter from Dave Winer, I noticed this interesting update on Howard Dean's 2004 "scream":
  • The allied gang-up was a shock to the Germans, who have long touted their expertise in Afghanistan and sharply criticized other NATO nations for being indifferent to civilian casualties.

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