IPA: gˈæŋbɔrd


  • (nautical) A board or plank used as a temporary footbridge between a ship and a dockside or any gap such as scaffolding.
  • (nautical) A board or plank placed within or without the bulwarks of a vessel's waist for lookouts to walk or stand on.
  • The boards ending the hammock-nettings at either side of the entrance from the accommodation-ladder to the deck.

Examples of "gangboard" in Sentences

  • As Quirk walked back across the gangboard, he stirred and sat up.
  • He walked back across the gangboard to the quay and the waiting stranger.
  • In a very few minutes the bow of the boat was run up on the beach, the gangboard put out, and then the officer stepped ashore.
  • But the sad eyed Thorgils paid no heed to the question, but only crept nearer to the end of the gangboard, and stood there earnestly watching.
  • McBride stood at his customary station next to the tiller, watching over the boat, one eye always on the short gangboard that crossed to the quay.
  • SANTAYANA Tunan WERE three yellow "Critical" signals lit on the long gangboard when Helmuth passed through the gang deck on the, way back to duty.
  • Our vessel ran its nose boldly into the shore; a wide gangboard was thrown to the foot of the shoot, making a complete connection with our lower deck, where the busy hands had already constructed a species of barricade of cotton-bales to receive the shock of their coming brother bale.

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