IPA: gˈæŋgɫʌnd


  • The underworld of organized crime.

Examples of "gangland" in Sentences

  • None of the images belong to gangland.
  • Foley is a well known Dublin gangland criminal.
  • Gangland isn't really a reliable resource on any gangs.
  • I will be sure to watch it with Deadliest Catch or Gangland.
  • Frank and Joe are investigating a series of gangland killings.
  • At one point he was arrested at the site of a gangland massacre.
  • If the gangland war was notable, that's what should be an article.
  • A gangland killing is a murder carried out by organized criminals.
  • In reality, he was a relic of a bygone era of gangsters and ganglands.
  • Also documented in the film is the gangland violence associated with the trade.
  • Word has it, Danny, that you are also a target in this so-called gangland war for control.
  • Police were questioning three people about the latest murder in one of the bloodiest feuds in Irish gangland history.
  • Another 50 civilians have been bumped-off in gangland-style hits authorized by the Knesset†™ s newest Mafia Don, Ehud Olmert.
  • Top attraction of the hearing was the testimony of Virginia Hill, known as gangland's sweetheart, who told the investigators that all her income came from "friends" and gambling.
  • Along the way, the anthology makes multiple stops in Hollywood, the one we know and the one that could never exist, from 30s noir to extraterrestrial infiltration, from a magical "gangland" to destruction after "the big one."
  • The next big thing in gangland fiction is going to be a fucking blockbuster: A cabal of sociopathic-yet-idiotic rich dudes pull together a coalition of differently-aggrieved white folks that takes over America (by stealing an election), and thus takes over the world.

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