IPA: gˈængrin


  • The necrosis or rotting of flesh, usually caused by lack of blood supply.
  • (figuratively) A damaging or corrupting influence.


  • (transitive) To produce gangrene in.
  • (intransitive) To be affected with gangrene.
  • (transitive) To corrupt; To cause to become degenerate.

Examples of "gangrene" in Sentences

  • Perinatal gangrene of the buttock.
  • There was a powerful stench of gangrene.
  • Their teaching will spread like gangrene.
  • Fourniers Gangrene of penis after circumcision.
  • Dr gangrene and doctor gangrene should redirect here.
  • The use of toe socks to prevent gangrene would belong to the gangrene article.
  • The gangrene is very high up in my leg and the open thigh wound wasn't getting better.
  • Dr. Rabinowitch examined him and his foot was black with gangrene from the ankle down.
  • Nobody will starve, get dysentery, get gangrene from a minor wound, or die of battle exhaustion.
  • I agree with you that I don't go out of my way to find organic, "natural," (gangrene is natural, right?) or biodynamic wines.
  • The etymology of gangrene derives from the Latin word "gangraena" and from the Greek gangraina, which means "putrefaction of tissues".
  • These effects are not merely negative: though it would be much, merely to check the farther progress of a gangrene, which is eating out the very vital principles of our social and political existence.
  • In his opinion the true cause of the alteration of the cauliflower is the humid gangrene, that is to say, a gummy degeneration and putrid fermentation of the tissues, caused by the abundance of manure in the soil and the excess of water in the plant at a time when it is subject to sudden changes of temperature.
  • Because this being all our hope, against this point did the devil make a vehement stand, and at one time he was wholly subverting it, at another his word was that it was "past already;" which also Paul writing to Timothy called a gangrene, I mean, this wicked doctrine, and those that brought it in he branded, saying,

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