IPA: gˈæŋstʌ


  • (slang) A member of an urban criminal or street gang.


  • (slang) Exhibiting the traits or demeanor associated with the lifestyle of urban thugs or hustlers.

Examples of "gangsta" in Sentences

  • Thank's for the support Gangsta.
  • Damn it feels good to be gangsta.
  • This is a list of gangsta rap artists.
  • Gangsta is slang for the word gangster.
  • They are all gangsta or hardcore rappers.
  • It represents the guilt felt by the gangsta.
  • They are neither gangsta in form or content.
  • Notorious or Infamous, you a playboy gangsta.
  • They are not relevant to my conflict with Gangsta.
  • Or was it the gaff of a local 'gangsta' called Miller
  • His nickname, "Inuksta," tattooed across his back is his own Inuit play on the word "gangsta."
  • Come to think of it, a "gangsta" is an odd and disturbing thing for a high school teacher to admire anyway.
  • His nasal, half-comic vocal style, which became known as gangsta duck, was widely imitated during the early years of rap.
  • To clarify that statement-what I was saying at the interview-the term gangsta rap was so over-sloganized during that time ... and that in so many ways, everyday people, as well as the government, could have done so much more to really obliterate and eradicate things that were going on in the community at that time that forced the artists to talk about and discuss so strongly what they saw, what they lived with every day.

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