IPA: gˈændʒʌ


  • (slang, India, Singapore, Jamaica) marijuana, as used for smoking.
  • The second largest city of Azerbaijan; the birthplace of the great Persian poet Nezami.

Examples of "ganja" in Sentences

  • Many of them do not even smoke ganja.
  • Also, this dog doesn't smoke the ganja mon.
  • Ganja is also the birthplace of the famous poet Nizami.
  • Regardless I don't oppose the mention of the word Ganja.
  • Santhanam and Ganja Karuppu take care of the comedy part.
  • Time and again he called ganja "the healing of the nation."
  • - Cheech & Chong bring their campaign for ganja to Washington ….
  • By the same token Armenian name for Ganja is not justified at all.
  • The troops of Surkhay Khan II fiercely fought at the fall of Ganja.
  • The peddlers emerge at this point, often with large bundles of ganja.
  • In response to this defeat the king of Georgia occupied Ganja in 1165.
  • What kind of ganja were these guys were smoking before doing this video?
  • The second, Ganja, consisting of the leaves and the plant tops, is smoked.
  • I don’t think that booze will hurt the baby now, but I think ganja is more the ticket.
  • "ganja" could 'pot'-entially create more and literally' green 'jobs and add much needed tax revenues.
  • PALAKKAD: Forests in the State will be made 'ganja' free by conducting raids, Forest Minister Benoy Viswom has said.
  • At the time, he spoke only a few words, including "brothers and sisters" - which is apparently how members of the cult, including parents, are addressed - as well as "ganja".
  • Repetitively hollerin '' ganja 'at the crowd and asking them to respond in kind just seemed silly and by the volume of the response, one would think the crowd thought the same - wrong call Mr B.
  • In an economy quickly going down the toilet faster than a nickel bag when the police come a-knocking, decriminalized and government-sanctioned "ganja" could 'pot'-entially create more and literally' green 'jobs, add much needed tax revenues, and end the criminality and high-cost incarceration (inordinately of young black males) attached to its production, sale and consumption.

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