IPA: gˈɑrbɔrd


  • (nautical) The board on a boat which attaches to the keel running fore and aft along the bottom.

Examples of "garboard" in Sentences

  • Close to her garboard strake on the starboard side he saw where
  • The garboard strake is the very bottom-most plate in the bottom of
  • The strake immediately adjacent to the keel is known as the garboard strake.
  • The strake immediately adjacent to the keel is known as the garboard strake .
  • The keel and stem are both in one piece, as shown, and to this the garboard strake is to be fastened.
  • I own this boat from garboard to main truck, bowsprit-tip to boom-end, and I don't wear any man's dog-collar.
  • "Well, that is queer!" they heard him mutter, as he thrust a finger through the hole in the garboard streak of the boat.
  • The two first strakes (garboard strakes), however, are single, 7 inches thick, and are bolted both to the keel and to the frame-timbers.
  • Blocked up on a tidewater slipway, every detail of the vessel was visible, even to the last fathom of oakum now being hammered into her port garboard seam.
  • "I've got one-sixteenth of an inch play at any rate," said the garboard strake triumphantly; and so he had, and all the bottom of the ship felt a good deal easier for it.
  • Unfortunately, however, he discovered a huge hole in her garboard, and before he could patch it an extra high tide lifted the vessel over the reef and sunk her forty fathoms deep in a place where nobody could ever get at her again.
  • The mink would soon be joined by a 'possum; then would come a pair of muskrats; after which we'd expect to find a fox under our feet every time we stepped; a wolverine growling like fun at us when we made the least move; a squirrel climbing all over us; a heron perched on the garboard streak, whatever that might be; and mebbe a baby bear rolling on the deck.

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