garden pea

IPA: gˈɑrdʌnpˈi


  • (usually in the plural) A variety of pea grown for food.

Examples of "garden-pea" in Sentences

  • The plant has somewhat the appearance of the dwarf garden-pea, though more bushy.
  • The varieties of the common garden-pea are numerous, and differ considerably from each other.
  • -- Most botanists look at the garden-pea as specifically distinct from the field-pea (_P. arvense_).
  • The latter exists in a wild state in Southern Europe; but the aboriginal parent of the garden-pea has been found by one collector alone, as he states, in the Crimea. [
  • This is the case with the garden-pea, and also with our beautiful bee-orchis, in which the pollen-masses constantly fall on to the stigmas, and the flower, being thus self-fertilised, produces abundance of capsules and of seed.
  • In the various kinds of peas and beans it is the pod or fruit and the seed that has been subjected to selection, and therefore greatly modified; and it is here very important to notice that while all these plants have undergone cultivation in a great variety of soils and climates, with different manures and under different systems, yet the flowers have remained but little altered, those of the broad bean, the scarlet-runner, and the garden-pea, being nearly the same in all the varieties.

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