IPA: gˈɑrmʌnt


  • A single item of clothing.
  • (figurative) The visible exterior in which a thing is invested or embodied.
  • (Mormonism) Short for temple garment. [(religion, clothing) A form of underwear worn by Latter-day Saints after taking part in the endowment ceremony; they are a symbolic reminder of the covenants made in temple ceremonies.]


  • (transitive) To clothe in a garment.

Examples of "garment" in Sentences

  • Your garment is your truth, your witness, your evidence, your memory.
  • The design and completion of a term garment at the end of every semester.
  • This is an interesting garment from the 1800's, and the color is splendid.
  • Just because the garment is the same color, does not mean you wash it in the same load.
  • Because the garment is fairly loose, it does not seem to wrinkle, and I have not had to iron it, so far.
  • A standout is a 1925 Inuit Tuilli, a caribou skin garment embroidered with 160,000 beads in floral and anatomical patterns and designed to protect a newborn from the harsh Arctic cold inside a back pouch.
  • Give my kind regards to ----, and tell her that the garment is actually in my drawer at home, that its appearance here has caused me as much speculation as its disappearance did her; but I, being a philosopher, concluded that some inquiry would in time be made after it, when the owner discovered the loss.
  • But if you get a spot on a fresh garment, try washing or cleaning off just the spot with plain water or a commercial spot remover or a cleaning fluid (unless the garment is a silk or other fabric that may water-spot or unless the spot cleaning may leave a ring or faded spot -- test your procedure first in an inconspicuous area).
  • That he that has holy flesh in his clothes cannot by the touch of his clothes communicate holiness (v. 12): If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of his garment, though the garment is thereby so far made a devoted thing as that it is not to be put to common use till it has first been washed in the holy place ( 27), yet it shall by no means transmit a holiness to either meat or drink, so as to make it ever the better to those that use it.

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