IPA: gˈɑrnɝ


  • A granary; a store of grain.
  • An accumulation, supply, store, or hoard of something.
  • A surname.
  • A city, the county seat of Hancock County, Iowa, United States.


  • To reap grain, gather it up, and store it in a granary.
  • To gather, amass, hoard, as if harvesting grain.
  • (often figurative) To earn; to get; to accumulate or acquire by some effort or due to some fact
  • (rare) To gather or become gathered; to accumulate or become accumulated; to become stored.

Examples of "garner" in Sentences

  • Nor did he recieved huges lump sums of money garner from the misery of those who WERE defrauded!
  • Although the impolite host wound up abruptly canceling the bonfire, there are several lessons one could garner from the barbecue that wasn't.
  • So congrats to the wohle Garner-Afleck family! do have the kids the name garner inside, too? like violet anne garner affleck or something like that?
  • At the risk of moving beyond review and into critique, here are a few things I was able to garner from the text that made me think there might be something more than a simple tale.
  • But it should be noted that occupation monitoring organizations such as Peace Now, B'tselem, and Yesh Din garner respect in society and are recognized as important resources for information.
  • Ever had an idea for a recipe that, in your mind and on paper, looked brilliant - patent making, gazillions of books publishing perfect - but in practice all you manage to garner is a barely satisfactory "meh"?
  • Yet this genius of a reporter, and probably others, think we should just forget about going back to the moon becasue at present, global warming and energy independence gets more headlines, never stopping to think of the technology and skills we could garner from a return to the Moon and onto Mars.

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