IPA: gˈɑrnɪʃ


  • A set of dishes, often pewter, containing a dozen pieces of several types.
  • Pewter vessels in general.
  • Something added for embellishment.
  • Clothes; garments, especially when showy or decorative.
  • (cooking) Something set round or upon a dish as an embellishment.
  • (slang, obsolete) Fetters.
  • (slang, historical) A fee; specifically, in English jails, formerly an unauthorized fee demanded from a newcomer by the older prisoners.
  • (US, slang) Cash.
  • A town in Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.


  • To decorate with ornaments; to adorn; to embellish.
  • (cooking) To ornament with something placed around it.
  • (archaic) To furnish; to supply.
  • (slang, archaic) To fit with fetters; to fetter.
  • (law) To warn by garnishment; to give notice to.
  • (law) To have (money) set aside by court order (particularly for the payment of alleged debts); to garnishee.

Examples of "garnish" in Sentences

  • And two slices on fresh avocado on top for garnish is cool too.
  • Adding the pomegranate seeds to the garnish is a fabulous idea :
  • Some of my favorite additives are, pickle juice, A1 only a dab and the garnish is everything ….
  • This, he said, was what they call garnish, and concluded with advising his new customer to draw his purse upon the present occasion.
  • Well, actually the onion garnish is made a day ahead. you can use the pickled onions for up to 5 days, on other stuff, too, says Ms. Madison.
  • Giorgio Locatelli explains in Made in Italy that pizza has to have "the perfect balance between a thin crisp base and a softer garnish, which is why you have to eat it within 5–6 minutes of it coming out of the oven, or it will be soggy and spoilt".
  • I'm not sure); the possible avocado garnish is rich in glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, and they are a great source of potassium, and of course last but not least any meal or dish with loads of veggies helps fight cancers such as colo-rectal cancer ...

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