IPA: gˈɑrnɪʃmʌnt


  • (law) A judgment that a third party should pay money owing to a defendant directly to a plaintiff.

Examples of "garnishment" in Sentences

  • Can you directly quote Hillary calling it "garnishment"?
  • Lewis, with Roetzel & Andress law firm, attempted to seize money from the developer's bank accounts, through a legal tactic known as garnishment, to get the money owed to Lopez, Chaparro and Rodriguez-Storer.
  • The apparent relationship between so-called garnishment laws and states 'bankruptcy rates also bolsters the arguments of consumer advocates, who have long said that intercepting someone's wages to pay their debts only increases their financial vulnerability.
  • Your garnishment is the end result of a long series of letters, calls, summons and court actions on behalf of the creditor to get either of you to step up and pay what is owed or to negotiate a mutually acceptable, debt is between six months and a year old or older.

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