IPA: gɝˈɑt


  • Alternative spelling of garrotte [A cord, wire or similar used for strangulation.]


  • Alternative spelling of garrotte [(transitive) To execute by strangulation.]

Examples of "garotte" in Sentences

  • I love the part with Linus trying to garotte Charlie Brown.
  • My kids love to decapitate the lamb cake, last year's was the garotte.
  • It would be difficult to legally distinguish a jump rope from a garotte....
  • It would be difficult to legally distinguish a jump rope from a garotte ....
  • My feeling is that with Maggie Drummond and the arrival of the garotte, or cord, or whatever, the Dodo is close to his kill point.
  • Nice idea about the garotte, though I think the exact wording involves the word "hands" I suppose he could tie one end of the chain around his gold one, though...
  • It was a macabre murder on Christmas, an extraordinary crime scene, which included a lengthy handwritten ransom note, a garotte, and stained underwear (which many years later, yielded the interesting DNA).
  • I think I'd leave the bows off this one ... unless I could make them out of wired ribbon so that I'd have a handy lockpick/garotte in the unlikely eventuality that I ever DID wake up duct-taped to an aluminum chair.
  • I rolled over, trying to heave myself up, as two black figures dropped from the tree almost on top of me; I blundered into one of them, smashed a fist into its face, and then something flicked in front of my eyes, and I only just got a hand up in time to catch the garotte as it jerked back on to my throat.
  • As an aside, it occurred to me that Tyrion could have fulfilled the prophecy if he'd killed Cersei with the same improvised garotte he used to take his revenge on Shae -- and that Jaime might find the Hand's chain of office "handy" himself for the purpose, given that his gold prosthetic isn't really suitable for tasks like strangling psychopathic sisters.

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