IPA: gˈærɪsʌn


  • A permanent military post.
  • The troops stationed at such a post.
  • (allusive) Occupants.
  • (US, military, U.S. Space Force) A military unit, nominally headed by a colonel, equivalent to a USAF support wing, or an army regiment.
  • A surname.
  • A village in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
  • A city in Benton County, Iowa.
  • An unincorporated community and census-designated place in Lewis County, Kentucky.
  • A census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland.
  • A city in Crow Wing County, Minnesota.
  • An unincorporated community in Christian County, Missouri.
  • A census-designated place in Powell County, Montana.
  • A village in Butler County, Nebraska.
  • A hamlet in Putnam County, New York.
  • A small city in McLean County, North Dakota.
  • A small city in Nacogdoches County, Texas.
  • An unincorporated community in Millard County, Utah.


  • To assign troops to a military post.
  • To convert into a military fort.
  • To occupy with troops.

Examples of "garrison" in Sentences

  • The main garrison is in a tiny town called Bascale, which is better known for its heroin labs.
  • They cited a lack of concern by their leaders and what they call garrison style policies and duties.
  • She's complained that Holness' use of the word "garrison" only serves to stigmatize inner city communities.
  • The non-cryos refer to them as “Cryo Stasis Emersion Tanks”, but they are identical to our lockers in garrison, sans the vent holes.
  • The word rendered "garrison" is different from that of 1Sa 13: 23; 14: 1, and signifies, literally, something erected; probably a pillar or flagstaff, indicative of Philistine ascendency.
  • The army town whose garrison is being closed down; the special needs student who will no longer have classroom assistance; the tiny theatre company where future Oscar winners learned their trade.
  • The enterprise faltered against Afghan resistance, and the main garrison at Kabul -- about 4,500 troops and 12,000 family members and camp followers -- decided to retreat back to India in January 1842.

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