IPA: gˈɛrʌɫɪti


  • The state or characteristic of being garrulous.

Examples of "garrulity" in Sentences

  • His garrulity is the garrulity of old age in its last flickering moments.
  • Few octogenarians had as little of what is termed the garrulity of age as Colonel Burr.
  • "garrulity," as she called it, to have been unintentional, I might have been flattered.
  • It expresses the garrulity of the sea, and is a pleasant break in the monotony of the life.
  • He said he had been processing waste from around the world for twenty years, but his garrulity ended as a crowd gathered.
  • If she had only known which was the real one; she felt at times that his garrulity was a blind -- that he watched her almost satirically whilst he talked.
  • The garrulity began with the nonfiction books, "Death in the Afternoon" 1932 and "Green Hills of Africa," both written self-indulgently in the first person.
  • Saxon ceased abruptly, embarrassed by her own garrulity; and yet the impulse was strong to tell this young man all about herself, and it seemed to her that these far memories were a large part of her.

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