IPA: gˈɛrʌɫʌs


  • Excessively or tiresomely talkative.
  • (of something written or performed) Excessively wordy and rambling.

Examples of "garrulous" in Sentences

  • The general isn't what you'd call a garrulous man.
  • Miss Letitia presided over the table in garrulous majesty.
  • "He might almost have been called garrulous," Pamela agreed.
  • Adrian is not what one would call a garrulous person at the best of times.
  • Stanley Smith, a Philadelphia lawyer, called his garrulous group to order in the Penn Athletic Club one night last week.
  • "Of course we haven't encouraged your talking much up to this time, and you don't strike me as a very rapid fire speaker, not exactly what is called garrulous, you know.
  • Why GM Matters excels when Holstein draws on the extensive access he was given to GM product executives such as garrulous Vice-Chairman Robert A. Lutz or designer Bob Boniface.
  • "hearing and telling the latest news" (no undignified or improper mode of recreation in a city where newspapers were unknown), whilst they are condemned as "garrulous," "frivolous," "full of curiosity," and
  • All this time the poor creature was discussing with herself as to whether she had disobeyed orders, in a kind of garrulous way that made me fear much for her capability of retaining anything secret if she was questioned.

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