IPA: gˈɛrʌɫʌsɫi


  • In a garrulous manner.

Examples of "garrulously" in Sentences

  • But he flashed me a stoned smile and garrulously shouted out, Welcome!
  • Mr. Romney has been garrulously genial for an hour, but here he shows a hint of annoyance.
  • When I had dressed and opened the door, I heard the waves still lapping on the beach, garrulously attesting the fury of the night.
  • Though he would sometimes surprise guests at dinner by maintaining garrulously that all Norwegians were boring, he never lost his profound affection for and bond with his homeland.
  • For some reason, they are typically the only ones to contact dengue or dysentery, the details of which they garrulously share, believing it demonstrates their solidarity with the Timorese.
  • Still, when he was a boy, and he saw vital statistics under the photograph of a singer or a starlet, they seemed garrulously indiscreet, telling him everything he needed to know about what was soon to be.
  • More than once Yunsan almost divined the mind behind my mind; but when he probed Hamel, Hamel proved a stupid slave, a thousand times less interested in affairs of state and policy than was he interested in my health and comfort and garrulously anxious about my drinking contests with Taiwun.
  • Next day, I was in my surgery, listening patiently to an elderly lady from the village, some relation to the soup cook, who was rather garrulously detailing her daughter-in-law's bout with the morbid sore throat that theoretically had something to do with her current complaint of quinsy, though I couldn't at the moment see the connection.

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