IPA: gˈɛrʌɫʌsnʌs


  • garrulity

Examples of "garrulousness" in Sentences

  • There is a terrible garrulousness in most American writing, a legacy no doubt of the Old Frontier.
  • Obviously plenty of religious folk radiate the same garrulousness, but this post is about Atheists.
  • His garrulousness might be a liability for an ordinary diplomat — but Fernandez is anything but ordinary.
  • But the garrulousness of age was on old Pat, and it was long before he permitted Stubener's eyes to close.
  • My theory implies that you can actually use her syntax and garrulousness to get a sense of her underlying knowledge on any given topic.
  • The old man babbled on, unheeded by the boys, who were long accustomed to his garrulousness, and whose vocabularies, besides, lacked the greater portion of the words he used.
  • As Rabbi David Wolpe observed a few months ago, there is an astonishing garrulousness to the comments made by Atheists to posts about religion that suggest not simply a lack of interest in, or even disdain for, religion but a competitive anger directed against persons of traditional religious faith.

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