IPA: gˈɑrtɝ


  • A band worn around the leg to hold up a sock or stocking.
  • (heraldry) A bendlet.


  • to fasten with a garter

Examples of "garter" in Sentences

  • To fix a split stitch in garter stitch, find yourself a 2 headed crochet hook.
  • And to make matters worse, I am knitting it in garter stitch, contrary to instructions.
  • And laddering down to fix one is next to impossible (for me) to do neatly in garter stitch.
  • She was demonstrating precisely what you mention, the retrieval of a mistake in garter stitch.
  • I am having trouble seeing exactly what is happening, what with the fine, dark yarn and working in garter stitch.
  • P.S. could you find a section of the stole that is reversible (at least when done in garter stitch) and add a segment of that in the exact center?

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