IPA: hɑhɑ


  • Type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.
  • A large leafy Hawaiian plant, Gunnera petaloidea.


  • To laugh.


IPA: hɑhˈɑ


  • A laugh.
  • Something funny; a joke.
  • (architecture) A ditch with one vertical side, acting as a sunken fence, designed to block the entry of animals into lawns and parks without breaking sightlines.


  • To laugh.

Examples of "haha" in Sentences

    Examples of "hahaha" in Sentences

      Examples of "hahahahaha" in Sentences

        Examples of "ha-ha" in Sentences

        • And then he laughed, only it wasn't a ha-ha laugh.
        • Maybe making him go ouch some, instead of ha-ha, would get me out of here.
        • Last laugh on the corrupt meanies, ha-ha. — former american citizen in Sweden
        • HANSEN: Well, you can move past disturbing and on to funny stories, funny ha-ha, funny serious.
        • I usually blog in the comedy section, but what has transpired this week is funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha.
        • The Office's writers seem to be confusing funny ha-ha with funny-strange — and not for the first time.
        • Lisa Nobles tangie ayers said: On April 23, 2009 ha-ha lisa …. good job hippy!!! carole roby said: On April 23, 2009
        • The ha-ha moment went to the identical Winklevoss twins, as the crew-rowing Adonises decide whether they should mincemeat the Facebook founder for stealing their idea.
        • And yes, we're in smartass, underground, sophomoric, "ha-ha, Mickey Mouse has a penis" territory, but there's a lot more to the story (and the comics themselves) than that.
        • To paraphrase Dr. Coop, it was an a-ha and a ha-ha moment, as one by one, the staffers realized that Jackie's relationship with Eddie the pharmacist wasn't just a fling — it was an affair.

        Examples of "hahahahahaha" in Sentences

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