IPA: hˈæbɝdæʃɝi


  • Ribbons, buttons, thread, needles and similar sewing goods sold in a haberdasher's shop.
  • A shop selling such goods.
  • A shop selling clothing and accessories for men, including hats.

Examples of "haberdashery" in Sentences

  • His father ran a haberdashery shop in the city.
  • Cord locks are usually purchased from a haberdashery.
  • Access to hairdresser, haberdashery and clothing stores.
  • Also, there’s a kind of haberdashery here in Washington-on-theBrazos.
  • And Polly owned a large haberdashery store in the Ipswich Buttermarket.
  • A haberdasher's shop or the items sold therein are called haberdashery.
  • Older residents still remember the projecting front part as a haberdashery.
  • On eventual return to arsaw, he becomes a salesman at Mincel's haberdashery.
  • Revert the whole article please as it is cocain'e fueled haberdashery, the lot.
  • Just go to the market, or a haberdashery-store, buy some pretty buttons, and replace them.
  • She had likewise an assortment of all kind of haberdashery wares; as hats, red caps, knit of
  • Svelte beauties leaned into tufted leather upholstery rubbing tanned shoulders with paunchy men in tailored haberdashery.
  • Hawass wears brushed jeans, a pressed denim shirt, and his signature Indiana Jones hat, one he tells me is about to be licensed under his brand by a Chicago haberdashery.
  • I run against Silver himself, all encompassed up in a spacious kind of haberdashery, leaning against a hotel and rubbing the half-moons on his nails with a silk handkerchief.
  • It was a deep and painful slump a young Army veteran, Harry S. Truman, lost his Kansas City haberdashery to bankruptcy, with the wholesale price index dropping by 37% and the measured rate of unemployment tripling to 12%.
  • I ran a hot iron quickly over the front of a previously worn shirt, saddened at the thought of the jolly staff at my local dry cleaner who will suffer because of my thrifty initiative and tolerance for rumpled, mildly aromatic haberdashery.
  • We were four at setting out from Paddington: but one of the servants was dispatched to prepossess an old servant of Sir Hargrave’s mother, at Colne-brook, who keeps there a kind of haberdashery shop; and where he proposed to get some refreshment for the lady, if he could make her take any.
  • The 1,500-square-meter former wallpaper factory is one of the finest examples of wealth-shame décor, with its rough bits of peeling plaster, cement floors and exposed beams housing a café selling used books, a florist, and fashion, home, cycling, children, fragrance and haberdashery sections.

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