IPA: hˈæbʌtfˈɔrmɪŋ


  • (formal, euphemistic) Addictive; likely to cause dependence or recurrence of use.

Examples of "habit-forming" in Sentences

  • Not at all, it is habit-forming, which is not to say its addictive.
  • We as a society should learn from past mistakes: habit-forming pills are indeed a recipe for addiction.
  • ADHD drugs generally act as a stimulant to alleviate symptoms but can be habit-forming and associated with side effects such as increased heart rate and loss of appetite.
  • And perhaps, pornography is the perfect analogy — titillating, unrealistic, demeaning, exploitative, a poor substitute for the real thing, but alluring and potentially habit-forming.
  • Industry defenders -- adhering closely to a PR regimen organized by the American Gaming Association whose president, Frank Fahrenkopf, in a notorious 1996 speech cited the missteps of Big Tobacco as examples of what not to do when trafficking in habit-forming products -- acknowledge that addiction is real.

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