IPA: hˈæbɪtʌnt


  • (Canada) a member of habitation colony at Stadacona founded by Samuel de Champlain, where Quebec City now lies
  • (archaic) Inhabitant, dweller.

Examples of "habitant" in Sentences

  • I am a habitant of this country.
  • He found the "habitant" still unreconciled to the British rule; he found
  • The habitant was a handy man, getting pretty good results from the use of rough material and tools.
  • Then as now the habitant was a voluble talker, a teller of great stories about his own feats and experiences.
  • The habitant is a Canadian as good as any of us; he is an asset to our country; Canada is his home; he is your friend.
  • They are indeed isolated by position, as the habitant is isolated by intention; and in both cases it may be held that the isolation has had some good results.
  • The individual in Quebec is known as the habitant, a simple creature who hath an abiding and childlike faith in God, and for this reason is regarded by the rest of the hemisphere as practically helpless.
  • Arabs, Spanish dancers and flower girls, Elizabethan ladies and cavaliers, Red Cross nurses and college dons, Indian chiefs and squaws, cowboys and "habitant" girls, who were so thoroughly enjoying themselves.
  • Instead of hecatombs of fat oxen sacrificed by the tribes of a wealthy city to their tutelar deity the emperor complains that he found only a single goose, provided at the expense of a priest, the pale and solitary in habitant of this decayed temple.
  • We know further that the habitant is the bulwark of our nationality because he has retained all the ancestral virtues, because the ill-wind of unrest, foreign penetration, modern luxury, bolshevist preachings pass over his head, because in his happy home rises a generation that will follow in his footsteps.

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