IPA: hˈæbʌtæt


  • (uncountable, biology) Conditions suitable for an organism or population of organisms to live.
  • (countable, biology) A range; A place where a species naturally occurs.
  • (countable, biology) A terrestrial or aquatic area distinguished by geographic, abiotic and biotic features, whether entirely natural or semi-natural.
  • A place in which a person lives.

Examples of "habitat" in Sentences

  • People conserved the habitat.
  • The habitat of the moth is damp forests.
  • The breeding habitat is coniferous woodland.
  • The alpine meadows are the habitat of chamois.
  • At the edge of the river is floodplain habitat.
  • The habitat of the fish is in the benthic zone.
  • Habitat selection in raptorial birds is not easy.
  • The habitat is open grasslands and flowery meadows.
  • It reproduces in the subterranean portion of the habitat.
  • Hmmm, two areas are marked "habitat" is that for 'humanity'?
  • The habitat if the species is moist forests in the mountains.
  • Its local habitat is also being eradicated by the logging industry.
  • I.E. if 20% of the habitat is forest then 20% of the cameras should be in forested areas.
  • It's analogous to waterfowl studies iin the prairie pothole region; they've shown if the habitat is there, enough birds survive.
  • The driving force behind a great organization is to never forget the passion and principles we all support in habitat work for the wild quail and all upland game.
  • Only a fraction of caribou critical habitat is currently fully protected from industrial activity, but scientists recommend that caribou need large, healthy, intact and interconnected forests to survive.
  • Consisting of three spherical shells embedded with seeds, the habitat is designed to evolve with the seasons – starting the cycle in spring, the spheres are embedded in a mixture of earth/mud/seed, and as summer approaches, the plants will be in bloom and the embedded food in the mud will create a mini haven for local animals and birds.

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