IPA: hˈæbʌtʌd


  • Dressed in a habit.
  • Clothed.

Examples of "habited" in Sentences

  • Cloister bells toll the hour and habited sisters gather for daily devotions.
  • And even after it was all over, looking back, I still feel more like I observed them rather than co-habited their skins as they went about their adventures.
  • The Pope, habited as at the Tenebrae preceded by the Cross, without his ring, without giving his blessing, enter the Chapel, deposits his mitre and says a short prayer.
  • Using the nom de theatre Hilda Rohan, Mrs. Dawes had separated from her husband and had subsequently co-habited with Henderson, resulting in the birth of Alexander Olaf Henderson.
  • Consider: the raid began with Israeli jets taking off after dark and proceeding north toward the northeast corner of Syria, toward a bleak barely habited stretch of land near the Euphrates.
  • A Benedictine like these his brothers, tonsured and habited, he stood erect in the dignity of his office and the humility and simplicity of his nature, as fragile as a child and as durable as a tree.
  • Nuns are also shown in the margins of initials, like in the birth of Mary in the Nuremberg gradual, where a kneeling habited figure venerates the newborn child. 152 Another nun in a Strasbourg processional observes Christ washing the feet of an apostle.

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