IPA: hʌbˈɪtʃuʌɫi


  • By habit; in a habitual manner.
  • Occurring regularly or usually.

Examples of "habitually" in Sentences

  • The route which England selects habitually is not the easiest road.
  • And then there was - still is - Evan Bayh, the Indiana Senator whose name habitually appears among the top three.
  • Also known as “Hey, McDonald’s is hiring,” which is something I regularly tell a certain habitually unemployed family member who feels entitled to a “good” job.
  • Is this sort of thing ie philosophy to judge by the name habitually done on the cheap without the ability/money/time to drag in extra people with relevant competence? ts
  • And I can joke about things that would alarm my northern friends of both races - like the fact that a black southern pal with ancestors of a similar Virginia surname habitually calls me "Cuz."
  • I do not remember a perfectly innocent word, a word habitually used in bonam partem, and beginning with sn, except the word “snow,” and “snow,” as I gather from Schnee, is one of the worn-down words.
  • But if a man is surveying what he calls habitually "his" district, he is surveying it presumably to get at the facts, and one of the most important facts which he needs to know is how far the preaching of Christ has extended and where
  • He who said -- who used the N-word habitually, who loved darky jokes and -- and -- and black-based shows, who said in Illinois and elsewhere that he was opposed to black people voting, sitting on juries, intermarrying with white people and holding office.
  • According to Zsombor Peter of the Albuquerque Journal $1M Spent on Truancy, With Little To Show for It, Apr. 22, 2008, the state government has recently released a report documenting that 67% of APS high school students are classified as habitually truant from class.

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