IPA: hʌbˈɪtʃuˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act of habituating, or accustoming; the state of being habituated.
  • (psychology) The process of becoming accustomed to an internal or external stimulus, such as a noxious smell or loud noise.

Examples of "habituation" in Sentences

  • That lack of response, called habituation, is primitive learning.
  • This habit is called virtue, and the success of this habituation is also called virtue.
  • But if the ad had been repeated, audiences would have grown inured to the threat, a psychological effect called habituation.
  • Tom found that spaced repetition converted the memory for short-term habituation and sensitization to longer-lasting memories.
  • Pedreira EM, Romano A, Hermitte G, Maldonado H (1998) Context-US association as a determinant of long-term habituation in the crab
  • For example, they wrote, "Will someone show long-term habituation to consecutive meals of cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and mushroom pizza?"
  • They warn that in many places, messages are broadcast with such frequency that their actual meaning is blocked out by listeners, in a psychological phenomenon known as "habituation".
  • "There is an actual psychological theory called habituation, which states that when people are together almost every day and get used to that person, their presence no longer elicits a feel-good response."
  • If they are exposed to the vibrations every 30 seconds, however, they eventually get used to them and stop responding (it generally takes 10 to 12 stimulations), through a process called habituation - much as people living close to a railway track eventually stop noticing the sound of passing trains.

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