IPA: hˈæbʌtud


  • (archaic) The essential character of one's being or existence; native or normal constitution; mental or moral constitution; bodily condition; native temperament.
  • (archaic) Habitual disposition; normal or characteristic mode of behaviour, whether from habit or from nature
  • (obsolete) Behaviour or manner of existence in relation to something else; relation; respect.
  • (obsolete) In full habitude: fully, wholly, entirely; in all respects.
  • (obsolete) habitual association; familiar relation; acquaintance; familiarity; intimacy; association; intercourse.
  • (obsolete) an associate; an acquaintance; someone with whom one is familiar.
  • Habit; custom; usage.
  • (obsolete, chemistry, in the plural) The various ways in which one substance reacts with another; chemical reaction.

Examples of "habitude" in Sentences

  • We are all, more or less, 'des animaux d'habitude'.
  • Soon a new habitude* was instilled in our daily routine: Le
  • Mais non, c'est juste une vieille habitude parmi les françaises!!!
  • I especially love this entry, and am trying to adopt a similar "habitude" chez moi, aussi.
  • At home I don't have un casse-croute of cheese and bread before dinner, but in France it's une habitude.
  • The conference's opening speaker, Marshawn Evans, will do just that when she talks about "habitude" and how it can create a "great" you.
  • But with regard to the divine bounty, and in what sense that is ascribed to God, and what kind of habitude of the divine will it denotes, this is not the place to inquire.

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