IPA: hˈæbɪtʃu


  • Alternative spelling of habitué [One who frequents a place.]

Examples of "habitue" in Sentences

  • R., you see, is an habitue at the Starbucks around the corner from me, a Starbucks I only visit occasionally.
  • I suspect she is at least as knowledgeable about politics as any other habitue of political blogs, and likely more so.
  • In tandem again, both writers have new books out that will reward all readers, including the adventurous genre habitue.
  • KENYON: Through a lopsided, broken-toothed grin, 60-year-old Mohid Daoud says he's been a track habitue for some 40 years.
  • "Late every afternoon he'd be in there, riding the bike, doing his reading," said Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana, a fellow Rhodes scholar and the only other habitue of the place.
  • Both pieces marveled at how the portly preacher in jogging suits who exploded onto the scene during the Tawana Brawley controversy in 1987 (later found to be a hoax) is now a slimmed-down habitue 'of the White House.
  • Indeed, as a battered and bemused habitue of this site in recent months, one thing is clear to me: people depend on their prejudices for a sense of moral identity, without which they would psychologically cease to exist.
  • "Made with clear indifference to the viewer and essentially an exercise in cinematography, London has no possibility of connecting with any but the most tolerant art house habitue," writes the Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt.
  • There will be union leaders who are Democrats, some quietly and some publicly, supporting Joe Lieberman because they rightly do not trust a Greenwhich milionaire, habitue of the Round hill Country Club, who runs a non-union shop.
  • It was the year of The Doors and Cream -- and, if you were a Max's Kansas City habitue (and Max's in the late '60s was the hip epicenter of planet earth), of locals Tim Hardin and Richie Havens and Tim Buckley: brooding, eloquent, magisterial (Havens) or (the Tims) incipiently tragic.

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