IPA: hæsiˈɛndʌ


  • (Texas) A large homestead in a ranch or estate usually in places where Colonial Spanish culture has had architectural influence.

Examples of "hacienda" in Sentences

  • Hacienda is a Spanish word for an estate.
  • At first the Hacienda hotel was a mental facility.
  • There was no court of appeals governing a hacienda.
  • A few hacienda tramways continued in operation after 2000.
  • It resides next to the swimming pool in the hacienda patio.
  • Unfortunately, the operation of the hacienda was a failure.
  • The exterior of the museum resembles a fortressed hacienda.
  • The main produce of the hacienda were livestock and pulque.
  • Wonderful Sunday meal at this hacienda is open to the public.
  • This hacienda provided the space to the villages resettlement.
  • Nevertheless, a hacienda was established there in colonial times.
  • Comments (2) her hacienda is listed with Realty Group for 5.9 MILLION ....
  • MexConnect. com Forums: Specific Focus: Home Exchange/Rent/Sale: This hacienda is a good place for a business
  • Well kept lawns provide the setting for special events, as the Mexican hacienda is available for weddings, etc.
  • I actually walked the property and the old hacienda is a fascinating place with some great architectural features.
  • This hacienda is within a pleasant drive of the Lagos de Montebello, the crystal clear but multi colored lakes along the Mexican-Guatemalan border.
  • The ex-hacienda is open Friday to Wednesday, 9: 00 to 4: 30, and modest entrance fees are charged, varying with the activity (camping, fishing, boating).
  • Today the picturesque, abandoned main hacienda buildings, recognized as architectural treasures, are being bought, restored and turned into luxury hotels and restaurants.

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