IPA: hˈæksɔ


  • A saw, with a blade that is put under tension, for cutting metal


  • To cut with a hacksaw.

hack saw

IPA: hˈæksɔ


  • Alternative spelling of hacksaw [A saw, with a blade that is put under tension, for cutting metal]

Examples of "hacksaw" in Sentences

  • Hack at it with a hacksaw please.
  • Now if only you'd brought a hacksaw.
  • Foss finished the job with a hacksaw.
  • I'll go get my hacksaw and give it a shot.
  • A hacksaw blade is commonly used as a feeler.
  • A manual hacksaw will take a lot off time and effort.
  • I think the "hacksaw" is a lighter ... for No Smoking.
  • Others have writer friends who lend them a hacksaw on occasion.
  • For example, what's the difference between a miter saw and a hacksaw
  • Aliodor looked for a hacksaw to cut her free, but she died in front of him.
  • A hacksaw with an improved mechanism for adjusting the tension on the blade.
  • Nicknamed “Doc” and “the Surgeon,” he kept a hacksaw and butcher knife in a bag and referred to them as his “tools.”
  • In desperation, I attempted to detach part of Frankenloaf and sample it, but it resisted every tool at my disposal and now I need a new hacksaw.
  • A comparison of the tool marks showed that both it and the hacksaw were the same tools used to create the trap at the bus stop, and the boots were the same brand and size too.
  • The pits furnish a bit of counterpoint crudity to Ms. Bontecou's unrelenting elegance: The lumberyard red ends of the pine two-by-sixes are left showing, and a hacksaw blade lies, as if forgotten, on top.

Examples of "hack-saw" in Sentences

  • -- Practice with the hack-saw should be indulged in frequently.
  • Corset steels, dress steels, hack-saw blades, etc., make good thin flexible bar magnets.
  • Rats like gnawing through cables - news to me that have evolved into rats with hack-saw teeth.
  • As I had already committed myself, I had to bear in silence his purposely clumsy handling of that hack-saw.
  • Department spokesman Maj Johan Massyn said a visitor was believed to have slipped a hack-saw to the prisoners.
  • Hardanger took a look at the palms and fingers of my hands, still slowly welling blood from the hack-saw scratches.
  • Consequently a bit of ebonite of about the required size is first cut from the stock sheet by a hack-saw such as is generally used for metals.
  • If you select a tin of the self-opening kind, you must now cut away the top with a file or hack-saw, being very careful not to bend the metal, as distortion, by altering the area of the upper end of the tin, will render the gauge inaccurate.

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