IPA: hˈækʌmɔr


  • A kind of bridle with no bit.

Examples of "hackamore" in Sentences

  • The Western hackamore bridle ...
  • It sure ain't a mechanical hackamore.
  • A hackamore is a type of bitless bridle.
  • Personally I would not call a bosal a hackamore.
  • A fiador is used with a hackamore, not with a bit.
  • The rein system of the hackamore is called the mecate.
  • Thus, a hackamore is the earlier and more correct term.
  • It is a myth that a bit is cruel and a hackamore is gentler.
  • The mechanical hackamore may be a relatively modern invention.
  • The bosal is a very sophisticated and versatile style of hackamore.
  • The pinto was lathered some and Two Spuds was riding bareback, using a rope hackamore instead of a bridle.
  • The barn was full of hay dust and horse smells, shadowed and cool, as Sharon led the chestnut into his stall and clipped on his halter before removing the hackamore.
  • When the horse was through drinking, he turned it loose in the corral, drooped the hackamore over a hook on the porch, lifted the gunnysack with its mysterious burden.
  • She put the chestnut through his paces—walk, trot, canter, change leads, round turns—until she was satisfied the horse was working nicely and responding well to the pressure of the hackamore.

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