IPA: hˈækbɛri


  • Any of several deciduous trees of the genus Celtis, widespread over the Northern Hemisphere, having small fruit.
  • The fruit of these plants.
  • (uncountable) The wood of these plants.
  • Prunus padus, a species of cherry tree, of Eurasia, or its berry.

Examples of "hackberry" in Sentences

  • The larvae feed on elm, hackberry and sumac.
  • It looks quite a lot like hackberry leaf gall.
  • Hackberry is highly susceptible to fire damage.
  • The larvae feed on apple, hackberry, hazel and oak.
  • Could we digress and talk about hackberry trees for a minute?
  • The state park also contains ash, hackberry, and black walnut trees.
  • Sugarberry mixed with hackberry supplies the lumber known as hackberry.
  • Dwarf hackberry is shade intolerant, drought tolerant and slow growing.
  • Those gazillions of hackberry trees shaded my property somewhat fierce.
  • After the birth, the midwives hung the umbilical cord on a hackberry tree.
  • Tall hackberry trees make up most of the canopy, with poison ivy on the ground.
  • The refuge has forests with Oak and Hackberry which are uncommon on the prairie.
  • That was when I saw Benny Fritch, running behind a copse of barren hackberry trees.
  • The paths themselves are being made from the mulch of the hackberry trees that we cut down.
  • Small, brightly-colored fruits such as hackberry and boxthorn are offered as food for birds that swallow them whole.
  • Deep-rooted plants, such as hackberry, elm and green ash trees, may tap into groundwater and release more moisture into the air than is replaced by precipitation.
  • I looked and the trail marched off before me to the horizon, tunneled between thick stands of alder, hackberry and ash; I looked again and the trail was swallowed in a blackness so deep it chilled the soul.

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