hackney carriage

IPA: hˈæknikærɪdʒ


  • (Britain, historical) A horse-drawn carriage for public hire.
  • (Britain) A black cab.

Examples of "hackney-carriage" in Sentences

  • In an instant, a hackney-carriage stood in front of the door.
  • At ten minutes to four, a hackney-carriage drove up to the steps of the
  • Just as I got back to the door a hackney-carriage drove up, and halted in front.
  • He put himself into a small, open hackney-carriage, and had himself driven to the York Hotel, feeling himself to be deserted and desolate.
  • But at this moment Bernard espied at a distance an empty hackney-carriage crawling up the avenue, and he was obliged to go and signal to it.
  • They are chiefly hackney-carriage drivers, and wear the Russian dress, consisting of a long cloth coat bound at the waist by a belt, and a round peaked cap.
  • The rumbling hackney-carriage drove upward of three-quarters of a mile along this smooth roadway before it drew up against a gateway, older and more ponderous than any of those they had passed.
  • When he has not threepence in his pocket, as sometimes happens, he has recourse either to a hackney-carriage belonging to a friend, or to a coachman of some man of quality, who gives him a bed on the straw beside the horses.

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