IPA: hˈæknid


  • Repeated too often.
  • (dated) Let out for hire.

Examples of "hackneyed" in Sentences

  • The story is hackneyed.
  • I feel a hackneyed phrase coming on.
  • It's far too colloquial, hackneyed and uninteresting.
  • It is far too colloquial, hackneyed and uninteresting.
  • Moreover, the material he has been working on is trite and hackneyed.
  • This along with others is listed under the headword "hackneyed phrases."
  • That I was inclined to look beyond the hackneyed was a clear signal sent out.
  • The lyrics that all the world loves and repeats, the poetry which is often called hackneyed, is on the whole the best poetry.
  • It sounded kind of hackneyed and derivative to be honest. mangoshakes he's consistently funny. one of the funniest parts from cop trailer. and he didn't have to do something shocking to do it.
  • Efforts were made at home to procure for him the position of Secretary of Legation in London, which drew from him the remark, when they came to his knowledge, that he did not like to have his name hackneyed about among the office-seekers in Washington.
  • Bibliophile Stalker interviews Ellen Datlow, Editor of (among many, many other things) the upcoming anthology The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy: "It's not that the genres have weaknesses or strengths but that the purveyors of genres write well or badly and use the genres ambitiously or in hackneyed ways."

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