IPA: hˈædʌɫ


  • Of or relating to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Examples of "hadal" in Sentences

  • Hadal, you are such a fucking loser.
  • Bantman and Hadal have no ownership of it.
  • I will gladly support Hadal in a few months.
  • Apparently he accused Hadal of being Guanaco too.
  • The hadal zone spans from depths of to the ocean floor.
  • Then, suddenly, the hadal tribes had nowhere left to go.
  • They would have some hadal artifact for her to translate.
  • Of these 11 species, two live exclusively in the hadal zone.
  • And the hadal prisoner pointed at one I had drawn on my face.
  • In a sense, that incident had closed the book on hadal civilization.
  • The area below the abyssal zone is the sparsely inhabited Hadal zone.
  • And to Hadal, I completely do not disagree with the removal of the links.
  • At its height nine thousand years ago, the hadal empire had been a sort of dark paradise.
  • He talked about doing a documentary, but I figured he was just another pirate looking for hadal gold.
  • At the edge of her hearing, she could almost distinguish soft syllables and bits of hadal click language.
  • Your plague wiped out all their generations, the last of their memory, every last one of the hadal nations.
  • And how else did you explain the presence of the same recurring glyphs and images and spirals carved in the walls leading to the most impressive buildings in each hadal city?
  • Below six thousand meters lies a region known as the hadal zone (a term coined only in 1959 from the French Hadès); in the Marianas Trench off the Philippines it is 11,000 meters deep.

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