IPA: hˈeɪdɪθ


  • (countable, religion, Islam) An eyewitness account of a saying or action of Muhammad or sometimes one of his companions not otherwise found in the Quran.
  • (countable, in the plural, religion, Islam) A particular accepted collection of such accounts, as from a single source or within a particular branch of Islam or Islamic jurisprudence.
  • (uncountable, religion, Islam) The entire collection of hadiths (sayings and deeds) of Muhammad within a particular branch of Islam or Islamic jurisprudence.

Examples of "hadith" in Sentences

  • The Importance of the Science of Hadith.
  • And then we can label the hadith as such.
  • The hadith need links to the MCSA hadith page.
  • Adding hadiths that are not authenticated for...
  • This hadith book contains da`if weak hadith as well.
  • It uses Hadith to argue for the existence of early Hadith.
  • Um, links to the actual hadith at the MSA Hadith database.
  • We would like to close with this hadith from the Prophet Mohammed:
  • This hadith is also relevant to the Hadith of the four advices to Umar.
  • Islamic sumptuary laws are based upon teachings found in the Koran and Hadiths.
  • Hadith of mutuality with Ali is just a narration so is Hadith of the blind man.
  • It is from these stories, collectively called a hadith, that many Zanzibaris draw wisdom to manage the everyday challenges of life.
  • Arabic of-course is a lot more complicated then english so this definition may not be the best – however, it is considered a true "hadith".
  • Most Muslims have been told that the hadith are the sacred authentic words of the Prophet, but the plethora of fictitious and forged hadith proves otherwise.
  • So, if a person NEVER prays (which, by hadith, is a distinguishing factor between belief and disbelief), I am not sure if I will be comfortable with his claim that he is a Muslim.
  • For three years, for instance, a group of 80 Turkish scholars has been reexamining Muslim traditions in the hadith, which is based on the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad.
  • Recalling the hadith of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), he said it emphasised the duty of care we owe one another and this special month is also the occasion to celebrate the diversity that contributes to Britain 's strength.
  • Accounts of his actions and words, called hadith, long have circulated in the Muslim community; within a century or two of Muhammad's death they were written down and closely scrutinized by Muslim scholars for their historical accuracy.
  • In Islam, there are some secondary written authorities called the "hadith," or "sayings," attributed to the prophet Muhammad, some of which were reportedly heard by his followers, then told to others who then told them to others who then wrote them down.
  • Though I find inconsistencies in Amina Wadud's theological position, she is a brave sister who is reminding Sunni and Shiite population the Quranic verse 49: 13, a universal maxim of their holy book, which they have abandoned for the sake of fabricated teachings called hadith and sunna.

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