IPA: hˈædrɔn


  • (physics) A composite particle that comprises two or more quarks held together by the strong force and (consequently) can interact with other particles via said force; a meson or a baryon.

Examples of "hadron" in Sentences

  • Strange hadron decay and observation.
  • Mesons are hadrons with zero baryon number.
  • Both mesons and bosons are a type of hadron.
  • Kudos to the mentioning of that Hadron thing.
  • Pomeron is hadron wide, you can't couple it to quarks.
  • The term hadron refers to particles composed of quarks.
  • "In particle physics, a hadron is a bound state of quarks.
  • Hagedorn saw a compressed gas of hadrons as another hadron.
  • All free hadrons except the proton and antiproton are unstable.
  • For CMS, his group has constructed the HCAL hadron calorimeter.
  • How backward do you have to be to build a large hadron collider?
  • She then transfers it to the hero, and he is able to beat Hadron.
  • A hadron is a particle that can interact via the Strong interaction.
  • We started uttering other unknown words, like muon, lepton, and hadron.
  • Apparently he's studying what happens when you put a Yorkshire pudding in the hadron collider at Cern in Geneva.
  • Web users have had particular trouble with the unfamiliar "hadron" - the collective name for the particles used in the experiments.
  • Science poses the question, "What are you going to believe: the dreams and fantasies of ancient mystics or your eyes, ears, telescopes, magnetic resonance imaging, hadron colliders, and above all, reason and rigorous questioning of all extraordinary claims?"

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