IPA: hˈædrʌsˈɔr


  • (paleontology) Any ornithopod dinosaur of the family Hadrosauridae.

Examples of "hadrosaur" in Sentences

  • It was a hadrosaur based solely on teeth.
  • A new hadrosaur from the Cretaceous of Chucheng.
  • I recently made the article 2009 hadrosaur chewing study.
  • Like running into a hadrosaur on your way to the bathroom at
  • The photo of a skeleton you linked to is Nanyang, the hadrosaur.
  • A hadrosaur of uncertain classification is known from the formation.
  • On the other hand, ceratopsian and hadrosaur workers clearly are not.
  • Hi TB thanks for creating the image map on the hadrosaur family tree.
  • But it might be more usful if it was about hadrosaur chewing in general.
  • I didn't need to see Rick Marshall pour hadrosaur urine all over himself.
  • They would be in the Ornithopod category next to Iguanodonts and Hadrosaurs.
  • Hadrosaur tails were stiffened by ossified tendons, but only the proximal end.
  • Or that the first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton—a hadrosaur—was found in 1858 in New Jersey?
  • March 11th, 2010 at 1: 56 pm tombaker says: mary and joseph rode in to bethlehem in December of 1878 on a hadrosaur. the rest is history.
  • (Dalla Vecchia 2009) (throughout this article, I'll be using 'hadrosaur' as a vernacular term for both Hadrosauridae, and for Hadrosauroidea),
  • And I wonder if it'd be possible to use the same method to try and engineer something close to a triceratops, or even a hadrosaur...what would even be the base for that?
  • MANNING: A hadrosaur is a distinct group of ormafiskin (ph), bird-hip dinosaurs that were quite common at the end of the cretaceous, which was literally the last gasp of the age of dinosaurs.
  • In recent years, a team of Mexican and American researchers has been working at a site 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the Rio Grande, where numerous hadrosaur leg bones were found protruding from the ground in 1999.
  • This is supported by a find of 34 hadrosaur bones together — “these are not literally an articulated skeleton, but the bones are doubtless from a single animal” — if the bones had been exhumed by a river, they would have been scattered.

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